One name, spoken in our small community over the past year and a half needed no last name, no explanation. Speaking the name ‘Todd’, was understood that the reference was to “our” Todd Walker. A family man in every respect; son, husband and daddy, yes, to his precious family. And so much  more. In the church, his family attitude exemplified everything God intended the church to be. Which is why I say ‘our Todd’. Everyone who knew him thinks of him as a brother. A teacher, minister, song leader, encourager, Todd’s love for people naturally drew them, and drew us closer as a family; and more importantly (to Todd I know), he drew us closer to Jesus.

One question, forever in the mind of mankind, though we know full well there is no satisfying answer, is ‘why’. Why was it OK for Todd to go so soon? No, Todd would not have us question. But as a heart-broken sister, my Lord understands that I have questions. And it’s ok. Perhaps that gives us the chance to say aloud the things we admire, the things we think are important, honoring our loved ones, when they’ve passed from this life.

One assurance: that Todd is free of all chains that held him from the things he might have done. Free to be in perfect peace. Free of heartache, pain, and suffering. Free to fully praise his Father and Saviour unendingly.

One ugly disease, this ALS. It stole his strength, but did not win his spirit. He used it to strengthen his and the spirit of those who knew him. It ravaged his body and our hearts. But it did not touch his faith which seemed to grow stronger each time he spoke in our presence, serving to encourage the faith of others. It grieves us with its affect, but reminds us of the beauty of the time when disease will not exist.

One Lord, who now holds Todd in perfection. I am not convinced if the saints sleep in perfect peace for now, resting for the time of great celebration in the final resurrection; or if they are immediately transported into an awareness of Paradise. Either way, I imagine Todd will be leading the chorus in his magnificent way at the perfect timing according to our Father in Heaven and his Son who sits at the right hand and welcomes the faithful, and one of those is Todd Walker.

One day, we will all be joined together and questions will be answered, beyond our grandest dreams. This morning as I write, the birds are singing, like Todd; and the sky is cloudy, like our eyes. But on that morning, our eyes will be fully opened, seeing clearly all that is now a mystery. And I look forward to that. In the words of another brother in Christ, Lord come quickly. We miss you Todd.