In anticipation of of our calendar’s Valentine’s Day, Rebecca Barlow Jordan wrote “A Valentine Prayer Letter to My Husband” for, dated Feb.9, 2016. One of the comments in response stated feeling it was too wordy because men are too “simple” to absorb it all in one letter. Also that it may sound like a writer of such a letter is elevating herself above her husband in spirituality. Normally if I even read comments, I am not moved to rely to a reply. I recognize the comment was not an attack, but rather, suggestions. These have prompted an opinion from me, and I just feel I must respond.

At 42 years of marriage and running, I have learned this about men: they want to know you have their backs, and that they have your hearts, wives. Just like any other valentine sent from first grade on up, this is a chance to say more than we normally would; to bare our hearts. Ms. Jordan’s valentine prayer letter is an example, and one can take out the parts that do not apply to them personally, or do not speak the individual’s heart. I wish I had written it. It prays God’s word in a very personal way. Any man who is worth the salt in his bread is going to be moved by such heart felt words. It’s a private, loving and I think, unassuming way to say I love you so much more than what this world calls love. And remember, many men ARE less spiritual than their wives. An example from scripture, in I Peter 3:1-2, does back up what the commenter said about leading by example. I believe however, the verse does not indicate encouragement for a believer would only be silent example; Peter was addressing non-believers’ conversion. Conversation in this scripture means ‘way of life’, and I suggest that giving her husband such a grand love letter could clearly be a spiritual wife’s way of life. Nothing feels as comforting in this crazy world than knowing someone prayed for us today.

At this point in my writing this morning, my husband walked into the room. I read to him Ms. Jordan’s letter, and he was impressed for the good. I should add that he is very much a ‘gruffy’, not easily impressed. My gratitude to Rebecca B. Jordan for providing this opportunity to share with my husband some of the things that I pray daily for him.

Oh yes, about the comment ‘simple’; oh my my, a man is anything but simple!!! That Venus and Mars thing – just because they are different certainly should not be interpreted as either one being simple. The only simple thing about men, is that I simply can’t understand him at times, nor does he understand me, and all the more call for prayer! Amen?