via Daily Prompt: Argument

Summer and Autumn are two fine girls who argue each year about the world. Summer has taken her time to leave and impulsive Autumn has pushed up her sleeves. Summer with a blush and brown arms crossed, says without me all the gardens are lost. Autumn just laughs with a breezy smirk, and says then I’ll let them rest after you made them work! And besides all that when my colors they see, they’ll feel the cool air and their favorite is me! But Summer not to be easily outdone, said just look at my beaches, and my back porch fun. Why, everyone lives to see summer arrive, to play and vacation and take long country drives. That made Autumn shiver a bit to think that her rival might outdo her wit. But as days grow shorter and Summer gets old, her temperament changes, she’s much less bold. Then Autumn pulls out her canvas of colors, her song of birds and Thanksgiving wonders. And for a time she has won the fight, until Summer awakens on a warm Spring night!