As I sit over a cup of Keurig Peppermint Bark, I am bewitched by the scene through the kitchen window. Snow ghosts, stirred by the gusts of wind, are dancing across the quiet field that once held lush growing soybeans, and a disruptive marestail here and there. The morning sunshine reflected off that frozen pallet is hypnotizing me. I am remembering snowfalls of many years, and I am so thankful for the comforts of home. I hear the laughter and shrieks of children now grown, as they would come inside, leaving their crooked little snowman in the trampled snow of our yard. I remember my brown-eyed boy begging to stay out longer, and our pigtailed girl throwing off the wet mittens and heading for the comfort of our large gas stove. I sigh and pray “thank you” recalling the four-wheel drives into work through ice and snow.

From my childhood, I hear the stomping boots of the rabbit hunters coming in half frozen. Images cross my mind of deserted cedar trees that once held the jewels of Christmas, cast out, bare and lying on snowy banks. I shiver with the ghost of a blizzard my husband and I once drove through to take down a load of dark-fired tobacco from an old one room barn.   I hear an occasional eerie moan of the ghosts from undone plans, as they bring my attention to the present day skeletons still standing in my garden; a stripped sunflower stalk, and tomato vines that cling to the few stakes I never got around to moving. That garden spot is now one with the open field it joins, as if it could never be made a garden again.

A small dry oak leaf scampers across the snow with a life of its own. It looks like the hummingbirds of only a few months ago flitting from one feeder to another. The thoughts of garden and bird almost make me ready for warm weather; but first, I want to enjoy the beauty of this ghostly quiet, peaceful snow day that kind of insulates me from the routine. It is good to be still, and know…and remember the Creator of all this – the snow, the birds, our memories that warm us in the cold days of life – and so much more! Only a blanket of snow can transform a dark stripped landscape into a thing of beauty overnight. “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

Stay warm friends